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NexAIoT is a subsidiary of NEXCOM Group (TWSE:8234) founded in 2014, and is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. At that time, NEXCOM Group felt that many corporations wanted to implement digital transformation to smart manufacturing but could not find a suitable company to offer the service. Therefore, NEXCOM assembled a team that is enthusiastic about the industrial Internet of Things, with elites from automation, robotics, system integration, equipment manufacturing, and industrial computer, and invested in industry 4.0 solution development and system integration services. Now, NexAIoT has become a leading manufacturer of industry 4.0 solutions. Currently, it has about 145 employees, including sales, system software and hardware product development and manufacturing. NexAIoT’s sales market covers the United States, Japan, China, Europe, and Asia. NexAIoT provides a comprehensive global service network through the direct sales of NEXCOM subsidiaries and the distribution of European and American agent dealers.

NexAIoT is committed to assisting companies in digital transformation and providing one-stop industry 4.0 services, including industrial Internet of Things and automation products, industrial computers, Gateway, and Industry 4.0 customer system integration projects. NexAIoT’s leading products are the self-developed iAT2000 Cloud SCADASystem and Enterprises War Room Solution. Also, it has strategically procured partnerships with world-renowned cloud service companies such as Microsoft, AWS, Google, MindSphere, SAP, and Alibaba Cloud. Through on-site consultant surveys, NexAIoT has in-depth understanding of the problems encountered by customers in the transformation and provides tailored flexible and suitable solutions. The quality of NexAIoT’s services and products has been unanimously recognized by customers, making NexAIoT notable in the global field of industrial Internet of Things. and a recommended high-performance manufacturer for Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing. NexAIoT’s customer base encompasses well-known leading companies in the regions of Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan; it also has been the designated products and services provider by many European, American and Japanese manufacturers.​

NexAIoT takes "Industry 4.0 + MASA" as the core of R&D, combines with the expertise and strength in industrial computers, and spent nearly 10 years in the research and development of MASA and AI technologies, such as Enterprise War Room (EWR), Predictive Diagnosis Maintenance (PDM), AI robot vision detection, one-click to cloud, and MASA. NexAIoT is committed to making friends with automation manufacturers and becoming the best partner of industrial IoT system integrators.

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