NexAIoT’s strong industry 4.0 executive team has solid industry 4.0 implementation capabilities and has accumulated many years of experience in automation, informatization, and machine design & application. NexAIoT leads and integrates ecosystem partners, including SI, MES, ERP, and automation vendors. The iAT2000 system is a framework that provides a complete one-stop service. Through on-site consultant surveys, we can profoundly understand the problems encountered by our customers in the transformation, and tailor the flexible and fitting solutions. After many years of working on actual cases in different industries, the quality of our service and product is unanimously recognized by customers. Let us review some of the successful projects as follow.

Petrochemical industry

FPCC Big SCADA Industrial IoT Project

Computer, Communication & Consumer Electronics Industry

Nexcom Huaya Smart Factory and Enterprise War Room

Frequency Components Alliance Industry 4.0 Upgrade Project

Lenovo I4.0 & iRPA Integration Project

Cooler Master Digital Factory Renovation Project

Industrial Robots and Smart Machinery

FFG Smart Machinery &I 4.0 Project

KiniK Company’s Diamond Disc Metalworking Digital Transformation Project

Smart Farming & Biotech Industry

Smart Fishery and Electricity Symbiosis Solutions Enhancement Plan

New Retail

Rovii Robot Coffee