Industry 4.0 and Enterprise War Room Solution Package

When entering the NexAIoT demo room, the Industry 4.0 solution is first presented. It includes the Enterprise War Room and the iAT2000 Cloud SCADA System. The solution package offers the integration of smart manufacturing OT and IT information flow, automated control, equipment networking, edge computing, Cloud AI service, and Enterprise War Room. It has five modules and is a one-stop solution package. The first display in the demo room that catches your attention is the Enterprise War Room’s monitor wall with 4K (3840*2160) resolution. This system’s iAT2000 architecture is designed to build the monitoring system for an entire plant. The service areas include facility monitoring, production line monitoring, predictive maintenance, power monitoring, manufacturing information, productivity decision-making system, smart warehousing, information security, and network management. The entire solution package emphasizes the integration of various systems with an open architecture, plus connects with world-renowned cloud service providers, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, SIEMENS MindSphere. The War Room Solution package is the best choice for your Industry 4.0 implementation.

Industrial IoT Intelligent Monitoring Solution

Next, you will enter the industrial IoT wireless communication product demo area. The IIoT Networking application needs to connect different sensors, meters, and field devices to collect big data for cloud computing. If it is widely deployed, the cost of the installation and construction will become expensive. EMBUX’s solutions cover a variety of applications from oil and gas environments, outdoor environments (such as agriculture and water treatment) to factory automation. The EMBUX solutions provides ISA100/WirelessHART/Mesh Wi-Fi gateway, explosion-proof design, Mesh technology, cloud gateway, and HMI dashboard with ARM architecture. The solution features comprise:

  • • Wi-Fi Mesh self-organizing network with self-correcting wireless network architecture
  • A wireless cloud gateway solution
  • Suitable for wide-range temperature and harsh environment
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof protection
  • C1D2 and ATEX explosion-proof certification
  • nCare wireless network management software for network monitoring
  • EMWatch Quick Installation Tool

Welcome to visit the websit ( for more detailed information.

AI Vision Robot Solution

Another highlight in this demo room is the live demonstration of the 7-axis robot with AI visual recognition developed by NexCOBOT. The display allows visitors to experience the effectiveness of the combination of AI and robots, and interaction with the robot’s powerful functions.

At first, AI vision is used to identify items with high flexibility. The robot’s vision is not affected by the lighting of the environment or the quality differences of objects. AI vision can automatically recognize the specified colors of the LED lights and order the 7-axis robotic arm to perform subsequent pick-and-place tasks. The 7-axis robotic arm exhibits more flexible operations; it is suitable for use in tight working spaces.

This solution uses Intel’s Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU to accelerate the performance of image computing, and also uses Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit to optimize the machine vision process. The combination of image visualization and AI computing technology can improve the accuracy and computing time of object detections. If you are interested in AI and 7-axis robot motion control, please visit our website (

NexCOBOT Robot Solution

After visiting the dynamic arm display, you can learn more about the overall robot solution provided by NexCOBOT. NexCOBOT focuses on robot-related industries and has independently developed core EtherCAT communication, robot control algorithms, human-machine interface, and AI acceleration. NexCOBOT offers a series of open architecture and modularized key components of robots, including overall electronic control systems and internal, robotic Industrial computerscontrollers, robot teach pendants, I/O modules, and related control software. All the products provide flexible solutions for different robot needs. And through the AI robot gateway or the independent AIR artificial intelligence computer, artificial intelligence-related value is can be added to the robot system.

Based on the solutions provided by NexCOBOT, you can complete the Industrial Robot Process Automation system (iRPA) through the EtherCAT-based open development platform. Connect the main devices in smart manufacturing, including industrial robots, machine tools, and general-purpose machine and conveyor belt. You can also adjust the system configuration according to different applications.


Smart Retail Solutions

Nowadays, technology and personalization have become the key elements of customer satisfaction. NEXCOM is committed to developing its NexStore Smart Retail Solution and employing the intelligent facial recognition for accurate marketing, smart self-service ordering with food delivery robots, AI object recognition for self-service checkout, business intelligence, and store traffic analysis solutions. Smart Retail Solutions' ultimate goal is to assist physical stores in providing a tailored and unique consumer experience. NEXCOM integrated the digital elements into consumers’ shopping journeys and utilized real-time data to predict customer trends in physical stores to improve Service efficiency and sales. In addition, NEXCOM’s Smart Retail Dashboard can present all the merchant and customer analysis data in the store from different sources in a single simple screen. Various data can be displayed more intuitively; thereby, helping retailers to implement smart retail strategies. NEXCOM also offers a customized Smart Retail Dashboard to connect customers' ERP systems, CRM systems, POS systems, and digital billboard systems to supply customers with personal information analysis, in-store hot spots, transaction analysis, popular product analysis, and other items.

Internet of Vehicles Solutions

The Internet of Vehicles solutions focus on vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and traffic signal units, making traffic construction safer and more comfortable and becoming an efficient solution for the Internet of Vehicles in smart cities.

Smart sensors are responsible for collecting relevant information about the status and setting of the vehicle. It includes general-purpose communications such as in-vehicle communications, workshop communications, and vehicle-to-network communications; at the same time, it also maintains the vehicle's IOV positioning and network connection capabilities.

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology matures, its application in smart cities has also begun to increase. For example, issues in railway, aviation, maritime, mass transportation, warehousing, environmental monitoring, and emergency rescue can be solved by artificial intelligence. MCS provides future hardware solutions. The combined application of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will bring more convenient services to mankind, and also bring a new aspect to smart cities.

Maritime Certified Solutions

NexAIoT is the leader in designing fanless platforms in the industry and has developed a series of related products in the maritime sector. On this wall are three models of Maritime Panel PC, 8-inch, 12-inch, and 24-inch, that have passed the International Marine Certification. Unlike other industrial fanless PCs, these Panel PCs have more maritime-specific safety design. Consider the severe environmental challenges at sea and complex applications in practical situations, ultra-high performance fanless maritime systems are used to monitor and manage the engine and other equipment on the ship bridge. IT personnel can save a lot of time by solving most problems remotely with the PC’s support of satellite remote monitoring. All of NexAIoT 's maritime series have obtained international certifications and certificates: DNV, IEC60945.

Smart City and Retail Solutions

There are there In-plane Switching (IPS) products that are developed based on Smart Signage and Smart City applications: Panel PC, Digital Signage Player, and fanless box PC. The first display is Panel PC combined with a photo printer as a selfie machine. It can be combined with tourism applications and be installed in various tourist attractions to provide tourists with new travel experiences, implement effective tourism promotions, and promote the local tourism industry. Next, the Digital Signage Player functions as an advertisement display that has an external camera for face recognition and collects data such as age, gender, and facial features. The player chooses suitable advertisements for different customer groups with NEXCOM’s PowerDigiS software. The software is capable of making various application changes and improving the effectiveness of the ad. The Digital Signage Player is designed for hypermarkets and grocery stores to collect shopper information. It also provides further planning and analysis of the retail foot traffic and merchandise in the store. In the Smart City demo area, the panel on the wall combines the digital player and the PowerDigiS. The screen is divided into different sections to display animated videos and static advertisements at the same time. The bus positioning system is also integrated to display bus arrival information and real-time update of the weather conditions through the Internet. IPS products fulfill various Smart Signage and Smart City application requirements and support different video quality specifications, color video output, multi-display function, etc. If you are interested in our IPS products, please visit us at ( for more detailed information.

TMR Technologies OT Information Security Solution

Industry 4.0 brings many benefits but also makes information security a greater challenge. The eSAF information security platform developed by NEXCOM’s subsidiary––TMR Technologies, uses a multi-level architecture to extend the OT protection layer from SCADA/HMI to the lowest system control and sensors. The design combines embedded monitoring systems, machine learning, and hard to crack security chip to form the last line of defense to protect the security challenges of Industry 4.0, extending from the cloud to the endpoint.