Make the Cyber and Physical Integration real for Industry 4.0 applications

       The iAT2000 Cloud SCADA System from NexAIoT is a Industry 4.0 plant-wise solutions. The visualized and edge intelligent container platform for Cloud Services-IoT Studio, integrates the IT and OT systems seamlessly. The system caters to customer’s actual needs to perform tasks from machine automation to full-integration of the production & process automation in the plant. Through smart gateways, various well-known brands from Europe, America, and Japan are used to collect controller data, and through the open system architecture for engineering and development to integrate ERP, MES, and Shopflow from major manufacturers to achieve digital transformation, and transports functions into cloud services. The iAT2000 Cloud SCADA system has an open architecture and complies with standard industrial protocols, it can successfully integrate and monitor the control data of different brands and machines from Europe, U.S., and Japan.

SoftPLC Controller
SoftPLC & HMI Controller
SoftMotion Controller
SoftMotion & HMI Controller
Distributed I/O
Fieldbus Gateway
PLC Gateway
CNC Gateway
Robot Gateway
Vision Gateway
HMI Gateway
Wireless Gateway
Edge to Cloud Server
SAP Edge Server
Enterprise War Room
Mesh WiFi