Notification Bot for Factory Alarms

Main Features

  • Rapid Alarm and Task Assignment
  • Flexible to link SCADA systems
  • Alarm/Scheduling Management
  • One-Way alarm Message Bulletin board
  • On-duty Staff Management
  • Staff and Group Management
  • Statistic Charts for Alarm Analysis
  • Group Video Conference
  • Restful API Service
  • SSL Secured
  • Secure Communication Protocol by Azure Sphere Module


Notification Bot for Factory Alarms

XCareBoT is a Notification Bot for Factory Alarms on Microsoft Teams, the main scenario is to collect the field signals and alarms from SCADA systems then
transmit to managers, operators, on-duty staff s for issues handling and management. The users can receive the notification in real-time and report the
status and actions accordingly. Further more, the notification can be recorded in alarm card as history for tracking and analysis. The advancing functions
allow the manager to manage and group the users by tasks, arrange the shift and schedule with clear interface, and analyze the alarm history to reduce
the anomaly conditions. With the chat bot SaaS, the factory can improve the alarm responding time and issues handling efficiency with less loading and
signifi cant on-duty staffs.

Software Building Blocks

XCareBoT Software Building Blocks 

User Scenario

XCareBoT User Scenario


Signal and Alarm Transmitter

• Setup Restful API from SCADA/PLC/Sensor to update status from fi eld.

• Send alarms to a specific Users, Groups.

Alarm Card Editor 

•Attach asset photos and location information to the alarm task card.

Shift & Schedule Management

• Send corresponding Alarms to USERs for different shifts

Alarm & Task Handler

•For unhandled abnormal alarms, administrator can designate additional multi-level receiving personnel

Statistics and Analytic Chart

Query and analyze the number of alarm occurrences and graphs by daily/weekly/monthly/annual

Alarm History by Azure Cloud

• Set alarm parameters through Azure IoT Hub, Event Grid, Function

• Store photos and locations of Alarm abnormal events through Azure Blob Storage

Ordering Information

XCareBoT Standard

Including Signal and Alarm Transmitter, Alarm Card Editor

NISE 70-T01 (Bundle Hardware)
• PN:10J00007000X0

XCareBoT Professional

Including Signal and Alarm Transmitter, Alarm Card Editor, Shift & Schedule Management, Alarm & Task Handler, 
Statistics and Analytic Chart, Alarm History by Azure Cloud

NISE 70-T01 (Bundle Hardware)
• PN:10J00007000X0


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