Beyond Organic, Know the Vegetables You Are Eating - Digital Transformation of Organic Farms

NexAIoT CPS105 recorded the soil's environmental value and served as alarm management. It can inform the staff of the status of the plant in real-time, adjust the ecological settings of the greenhouse with a quick response, and organize each event into historical data and upload it to the maintenance management platform. With CPS105's assistance, the owner of the greenhouse farm provided the best growing environment for vegetables at the greatest efficiency and least cost.


Shung Fong Organic Fertilizer—Break Through the Succession Dilemma and Move Towards Refined Agriculture

NexAIoT's I 4.0 consultant team assisted in the planning and implementing of on-site process design and the automatic control system for Shung Fong  Organic Fertilizer. The process production data collection can also be uploaded to the office's central monitoring system. Through TCP/IP, NexBox's Q170-2U3 workstation computer will provide a multitude of critical data elements. Reporting includes status analysis and query, event analysis, and warning functions such as fire alarms, motor errors. Managers can get the notification for immediate processing via the Line application.

NaxWall to Enhance War Room Display

16K Visuals & Split Screens

NexWall is a player software tailored for war room information integration and visualization. Highly customizable for split screen, from 2x2 to 4x4 display mode, the versatile software is capable of high-resolution playback up to 16K. Supporting all major image types, NexWall is compatible with browsers and Microsoft Office with no need for a KVM switch in playback conversion. The intuitive UI streamlines installation, setup, and playback in mere minutes. 

NISE 51 Has Transformed Industrial Automation into Digitized and IoT Smart Factory

Powered by Intel® Celeron® processor, the slim box computer NISE 51 featuring multiple I/O design and the capability to meet customers’ need is the key for M2M intelligent system as an intelligent IoT gateway.

Discover a Better Automation Gateway and Controller with the NIFE 104 Fanless Computer

Built as an open PC platform, the NIFE 104 exceeds traditional programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, thanks to an inherently modular and adaptable design. Based on Intel Atom® and Intel® Celeron® processors, the NIFE 104 boasts a super compact and light form factor that literally fits in your palm but nonetheless offers plenty of customization and upgrade options.

eLITE610 Embodies A High Performance HMI Solution for Machine Control and Monitoring

NEXCOM HMI eLITE610 embodies a high performance real-time control and monitoring solution for factory automation. Capable to deliver enhanced 2D and 3D graphics in high resolution, the eLITE610 comes with the HMI software JMobile Studio to simplify design and development. This HMI solution provides a flexible and more intuitive user experience for operators, allowing control, monitoring and visualization of machine processes to ensure data acquisition for optimal operations.

New Additions to APPC Industrial PPC: Automation Advances in Full Sail

APPC50T models, the latest installments to NEXCOM’s popular APPC series, suffice for multiple roles on factory floors— a mix of value and versatility in a robust package.

NexAIoT Selects Avalanche Technology’s MRAM for Industry 4.0 Total Solution Products

Avalanche Technology, the leader in next generation MRAM technology, announced today that it is providing Persistent SRAM (P-SRAM) products for fanless NISE & NIFE Series industrial Computers developed by NexAIoT. NexAIoT has designed in Avalanche’s 8Mbit High Performance Parallel P-SRAM device into its popular Industry 4.0 total solution products.

In-Cabinet & Fanless Server-
IP65 heatsink designed and high-computing Intel Xeon platform for harsh environment in Renewable Energy Market

The CMC300 is a new breed of fanless pc equipped with enhanced thermal for an extensive variety of environments. The featured IP65-rated heatsink enables a decent cooling effect for non-stop operations, making it a silent substitute for conventional industrial computers.

A One-Stop Solution for High-Speed Production with Full FDA Compliance: A Packaging Manufacturer Case

A medical packaging solution provider for export adopted controller NISE105U and software CODESYS Control SoftMotion RTE, to enable 8-axis motion control. Moreover, JMobile PC Runtime, a software coming with NISE105U, supports data output to the 15.6” panel PC IPPD1600P, convenient for visualization. JMobile PC Runtime is fully FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, meeting all requirements to open and closed electronic record systems, and those to building connections between electronic signatures and records.